Tamburica cindrof


Our society has always been a “messenger“ not only for the village itself, but also for the Burgenland and the whole of Austria by representing them at events at home and abroad.


More than a hundred inhabitants have found their way to music and especially the Croatian folk song via the instrument and the orquestra.

How it all started …

The Tamburica Cindrof orquestra was founded by the then headmaster Matthias Schlögl at the secondary school Siegendorf in 1963. Later on, Franz Handl and then, in 1972, Ernst Gollubits took over the leadership of the society. Since 1996 Roland Petschenig has been leading the group concerning the musical activities and Judith Jaidl has been the operative part.

We are Austrian.

What must be stressed is the fact that since the late seventies contacts have been cultivated with Toni Stricker and André Heller. Both used Tamburica music for their LPs showing that the instrument can be used not only for the purpose of folk music. One result is the LP “Die schönsten Lieder der pannonischen Heimat“ (“The most beautiful songs of the Pannonian home“), which was produced by André Heller. Also Toni Stricker was supported by the orquestra, which is recorded on various productions of his.

We Are international.

The Tamburica has represented the Burgenland and Austria not only at home. Our tours took us from Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Germany to France, Italy and Cyprus. In the year 2002 we were lucky to go to Brazil, which will always remain one of the highlights because of the numerous friendships established there.